Professional Artist & Watercolor/Mixed Media/Pastel Teacher

Karin Novak-Neal

Two Separate Watercolor Workshops in October

The first one is scheduled for October 3-4, 2017 at my studio in Orchidland, Kea'au. 

The second class is scheduled for October 24-25, 2017.  Both classes are from 10 am til 2:30 pm. 

(information below)

Scroll all the way down to see class photos from the last workshop!

Beginning and Continuing Watercolor Workshops are scheduled for October 3-4 and also another class on October 24-25. 

You are welcome to sign up for one 2 day class or both.  We will be working on different subject matter in each class. 

 $65 for a 2-day workshop and pre-paid reservations are required to enroll because of the amount of preparation, photos and paper required. 8 student maximum for now.

Class now starts at 10 am and ends at 2:30 pm both days (this is for the convenience of those students coming from Kona, Volcano, etc.)

This class is for beginning and continuing artists that have some/little knowledge of working with watercolors.

In class, I will be providing a floral photograph to each student as we all will be working on the same painting. This method of teaching has provided a wealth of learning from each other and has become a powerful learning tool. We will be putting together a composition using different techniques of mixing colors, drawing your design out and composing the entire sheet of paper to complete a finished piece.  I will be doing demonstrations throughout the class period including a brief, easy way to draw what you see and not what you know. I am also working on the very same photograph painting as all the students.  A lot of one on one instruction is also provided as well as a fun critique at the end of class. And we do a lot of sharing of ideas and technique. And it's fun! 

In the August class,  we are going to be painting 'studies' of the very unusual croton leaf family.  Each leaf is like it's own painting with it's own extreme characteristics.  There are a lot of crotons available here at my house but students are welcome to bring leaves from their own yards.  Crotons are really fun to paint!  I will be providing the very highest quality of paper to each student, for this specific painting.

Examples of my work can be found throughout this website. If you are coming from the mainland and require temporary watercolor supplies just for this class, there is an additional charge of $10.  Just let me know. 

Bring your own personal supplies, paints, brushes, pencil, kneaded eraser, etc. Here is my suggested supply list just for reference (don't go buy all these) as everyone has their own color choices:

Palette with lid

Winsor and Newton or Holbein Professional Watercolors: 

Prussian Blue

Winsor Blue

Verditer Blue

Marine Blue

Indigo Blue

Cobalt Turquoise

Winsor Violet

Cobalt Violet

Cadmium Red Light

Alizarine Crimson

Permanent Rose


Brown Madder


Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber


Van Dyke Brown

Quinidone Gold

New Gamboge

Aureolin Yellow

Sap green

Hooker's Green

Olive Green


Winsor Green

Brushes: synthetic watercolor brushes sizes 4, 6, 8, 12 and a one inch flat

Spray bottle

Water containers

Kneaded eraser

Drawing pencils (I use a 4B)

A sheet or block of good watercolor paper (Arches or Lanaquarelle) any size 

And anything else you can think of. 

Please bring lunch or a snack and plan on having fun! 

The class is $65 for both days and should be paid in advance to reserve your seat. You can pay through PayPal using to make a payment or send a personal check made out to me.  Please contact me for my address, phone number and directions using my e-mail address.


To be scheduled for November 2017 depending on weather at the time. 

This mixed media class is all dependant on weather. If it's too wet outside, it's almost impossible to dry these paintings and do the layering required. 

Really, there are no rules, just different techniques, which is what I will be teaching in the class. This class is really fun, really relaxing and interesting to see the different outcomes. You don't even have to be a painter if you would like to take this's also therapeutic. Some of the most interesting work has been accomplished by "non-artists' as well as incredible pieces by trained artists. 

This workshop is being held in my studio in Orchidland, Please contact me for directions. 

Please contact me at Include your phone number and e-mail and I will get back to you quickly. 


More Info About this class:

This class is being offered for a minimal charge of $65 and includes a packet of handmade Japanese papers.

I have made up packets of Japanese that I have in my own personal stash, for each student. There will be enough for you to do several small paintings.  You are more than welcome to bring your own handmade Oriental papers. And I provide a lot of other interesting mediums for you to try. 

You may want to find someone to share the gesso and paste with since you won't be using all of it in this class. 

You're required to bring your own jar of YES paste (a ph balanced, non-yellowing paste), white gesso, and your own heavy weight paper (300# watercolor paper, mat board, canvas board or illustration board). The size of the paintings doesn't matter to me, but you may want to work smaller rather than larger, just because of the workspace available. Plan for four paintings. Of course, brushes, etc. 

Here are some other things you may want to bring for incorporation into your mixed media pieces:

watercolor paints, inks, acrylics (no oil based paints)

water soluable based pencils or crayons and/or Prisma pencils

Rapidograph pens or permanent fine line markers for detail work

margarita salt

brushes........include a flat 1" brush for gesso application (brush soap) you may want to bring a few old bristle brushes too, just for a different textural effect.

inks (sepia and India inks look wonderful in these paintings)

gold/silver papers or leafing

gold/silver markers

gold/silver inks or powders

prismacolor pencils

a spray bottle for water

empty containers to use for water

paper plate or flat surface for thinning out gesso

sand and burlap make interesting textures you could incorporate

interesting neutral colored Japanese papers with texture that you have found (no colored tissues cuz they bleed)

You can pay via PayPal, cash or check and mail payment to me (contact me by e-mail or my mailing address which is 16-566 Keaau-Pahoa Road  #188-132 Kea'au, Hawaii 96749) or contact me for my PayPal user name at

Photos from the Mixed Media Workshop May 16-17 at AANC Art Studio and Gallery

Photographs of Classes Around the Country and Around the World: Vegas, Hawaii, Sedona, Prescott, Tucson, Arizona, Colorado and Spain.