Professional Artist & Watercolor/Mixed Media/Pastel Teacher

Karin Novak-Neal

About the Artist

Introducing Professional Artist and Teacher, Karin Novak-Neal.

To most watercolor collectors, Karin needs no introduction. She has been an extemely popular watercolor and mixed media artist for many years, selling her work to avid private collectors all over the world. Many large companies have now included her work in their corporate collections including United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines,Target Stores, several attorney's offices, many government offices, Television's Hawaii 5-0 set decor, Standley-Grace Corporation, Playboy International, Donrey Media Corporation, and Motorola Corporation, to name a few.

Karin's art career took off shortly after taking an early retirement from Continental Airlines (where she worked as a flight attendant for 14 years) and moving to Kona, Hawaii. She and her husband opened an art gallery and artist supply store across from the Banyans Beach in Kailua-Kona. Her watercolor style took a bolder, more dramatic and distinctive step towards 'abstract' after being introduced to the many colorful tropical flowers and trees available to her in Hawaii. Her work got more colorful and larger and opened the door to many more buyers and galleries as time went on. In recent years, Karin has replaced most 'walk-in' galleries with 'virtual' galleries and maintains control of all of her work this way, and she can keep her prices down to a more realistic place so that more people can 'color their lives' with original art work that they can be proud to own. Artwork never diminishes in value.

In the late 80's, Karin found that it was difficult to keep up with the gallery sales she was making and decided to put several of her paintings into limited edition prints. The largest, 'Coconut Tree', flew off the shelves thanks in part to a good distributor in Hawaii.  The limited edition of 200 of the 'Coconut Tree' sold out within 2 years. She also put a couple of her "Hawaiian Dancers" into print as well as "Old Country Road". The original painting of the "Coconut Tree" is in the artist's personal collection. 

Owning the gallery and artist supply store introduced Karin to many different teaching styles as she commissioned instructors from the mainland to come into the store and teach their particular painting techniques to students from around Hawaii and visitors from the mainland. She realized that no one was teaching a 'beginning from basics' class in watercolors, and created a workshop based on her extreme knowledge of that medium. It was an instant hit (even with established artists) and continues to be so today. One of Karin's most popular workshops in Hawaii was pastels. There's a picture of her pastel workshop at her studio in Kona in the photos at the bottom of the "workshop/classes" page. The students are encouraged work in a large format. She also teaches a very creative, but 'laid back' mixed media workshop utilizing handmade Japanese papers and a variety of artistic medium.  This mixed media workshop is also suggested for non-artists as well. It's just a very fun class with the focus on playing with a variety of applications. There are also photos of the mixed media workshops as well on the "workshop/classes" page.

Karin is presently teaching watercolor classes at her studio in Orchid Land. Please check out the workshop/class link for more information.

 UPDATE!  Karin's work is now available in giclees, a very high quality of archival ink printing on canvas. Lahaina Printsellers has picked up a line of Karin's paintings and they are now available on-line at or through their gallery at 764 Front Street in Lahaina, Maui. All paintings are also available in different sizes, according to your specifications.

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